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We are well known for supplying high quality instruments for Laboratory use. But for any Laboratory this is not sufficient unless it is backed by after sales support which is quick, efficient and economical.

Our goal is to provide customer satisfaction at a reasonable cost through our highly motivated service force who are well trained in operations, service & application support. These services are offered by our highly efficient Service Department. We offer on-site services and technical support including Pre Sales assistance, Application Support, Calibration, Documentation, Maintenance and on site training on basic maintenance to users.

Application Laboratory

Getting it Right, The First Time

Installation Services

Peak Performance From the Start

Preventive Maintenance Package

Get Reliability, Productivity and Extend Instrument Life

Service on Request

Quick Service to Maintain Uptime


Increase Proficiency and Productivity

Application Laboratory

Getting it Right, The First Time

The Chiron Application Laboratory is equipped with Analytical instruments including

  • Weighing Balances,
  • Moisture Balance,
  • pH/Cond meter,
  • Glassware washer,
  • Water Purification system,
  • Sieve Shaker,
  • Titration,
  • Liquid Handling Products etc.

Our Application Laboratory provides Pre-Sales and Post-Sales support to our customers. This includes, but is not limited to Instrument Demonstrations, Sample Analysis, Hands-On Classroom Training and Method Development support.

Installation Services

Peak Performance of Equipment, Right From the Start

The installation and setup of any new equipment are the two most critical phases to set the stage for a worry free use. Our service team will ensure that the equipment is installed and configured to achieve peak performance right from the start.

Professional Installation

Recommended for unregulated industries like Government, Chemical, Academic, Trade etc.

The professional installation includes the following features
as well as,

  • Installation and functional testing
  • Operator familiarisation training
  • Calibration and Certificates

Premium Installation

Recommended for regulated industries like Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Cosmetics, Food and Beverages etc.

Includes all the features of Professional Installation
as well as,

  • Setup Standard Parameters
  • Qualification Testing and Documentation

Preventive Maintenance Package

Increase Reliability, Maximise Productivity and Extend Instrument Life

Our maintenance packages help you provide the expert care needed for regular servicing and maintenance of the instruments. This ensures that your instrument is always performing at peak efficiency.

Basic Maintenance Package

This standard maintenance package includes the following services

  • Inspection
  • Basic Cleaning
  • Check Operation
  • Service Report

Premium Maintenance Package

Our Premium maintenance package includes all the features of the Basic Maintenance Package and adds the following services

  • Full Cleaning [Interior and Exterior]
  • Full Operation Check
  • PM Checklist
  • Test Report
  • Maintenance Label on Equipment upon completion of work
  • Service Report
  • Breakdown Calls
  • Log Maintenance
  • Training

Service on Request

Repair Services to Restore Uptime

If a service contract is not what you are looking for, consider these on-demand options delivered by our same trusted team of experts. Our Service Support Team will repair your equipment either on site or at our repair centres using their industry experience and expertise to reliably and quickly identify faults, and most important economically.

Benefits to You

  • Reduce Downtime
  • Repair work carried out by well-trained engineers
  • Fast Response time from our on-site service team
  • Use of Original Spare Parts to Ensure Quality Control


Increase Proficiency and Productivity

Our technical support team has years of industry experience with laboratory instruments. You can utilise our expertise to provide training to your in house staff.

Get in touch with us to discuss your training requirements

Classroom or Onsite Training

Introductory levels

In Depth Training

Hands-On training

Instrument Operation



Advance Topics

Metrological Concept