As we have come to the end of this financial year, we here at Chiron Instruments & Triton Technologies have our top 10 selling laboratory analytical instruments for 2020 – 2021.

Here’s a rundown of the most popular products sold and searched for on our website.

Coming in at our #1 pick, the Sartorius Precision / Analytical / Semi- Micro / Ultra Micro Balances.

Weigh the smallest quantity with the highest accuracy with Sartorius analytical balances – Customizable modularity with 45 different weighing modules and draft shield, automatic leveling with continuous level monitoring, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant with user management, digital signatures, audit trail, USP minimum weight, data back up, time synchronization. Status center notifications with onboard QApp center to enhance the balance. Various accessories such as gesture sensors, climate monitoring, density determination kits, pipette calibration kits, and many more.

Monolithic weighing cell for ultra-fast response with highest accuracy. Special version for filter weighing and dosing application. The great variety of sample holders ensure that samples of various types (e.g. safe-lock tubes, vials, flask, syringes) can be weighed directly on the balance.

Check out the available Sartorius Analytical Balances here.

Get high accuracy, premium performance and ultimate flexibility with the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ Versa Star Pro pH/Conductivity/Dissolved Oxygen/ Ion Selective Meter for pharma compliance. The Orion Versa Star Pro Benchtop Meters offer interchangeable measurement modules that allow multiple users to customize four separate channels to meet their specific requirements. Colour graphic LCD display, benchtop & portable series with password protection, data transfer via USB or RS 232 to a printer or a computer, pharmacopeia (USP/BP/IP) requirement, wide varieties of probes & electrodes.

Check out the available Thermo Orion Versa Star Pro here.

The range of professional SMEG glassware washers for laboratory is manufactured in AISI 316L stainless steel and according to specific projects using professional materials and special components in order to achieve the best results from a technological point of view. They meet the glassware decontamination requirements of laboratories operating in the general chemical, organic and petrochemical fields. For laboratories operating in the biological sector, SMEG guarantees complete biological decontamination.

Check out the available Smeg Laboratory Washer here.

The Liquid Handling Station provides maximum flexibility for small and medium sample throughput and varied pipetting tasks. It closes the gap between electronic pipettes and large, expensive equipment. Seven ANSI / SLAS formatted workplaces can be freely assigned, including PCR tubes and strips, microcentrifuge tubes, reservoirs, and 96- or 384-well plates. Liquid ends are available in three single-channel sizes and two 8-channel sizes. The Liquid Handling Station’s compact design and space-saving front door make it an ideal fit where benchtop space is limited.

Check out the available Brand Liquid Handlind Station here.

Offering you a complete choice of products which include Velp Scientifica Stirring Line – Overhead Stirrers, Vortex Mixers and Magnetic Stirrers with Hot Plates. Widely demanded by various labs and research centers, these products are available in different models and sizes. Designed at par with international quality standards, all our products are manufactured using high-grade material and quality components

Check out the available Velp Scientifica Stirring Line here.

Application of purified water is basic requirement in laboratories for Reagent / buffer preparation, wet chemistry analysis, Dissolution media preparation, instrumental techniques like, AAS, ICP-MS, HPLC etc, Molecular biology, Genetic studies, ELISA, PCR, Electrophoresis and other biotechnology experiments. Evoqua provides different combinations of ultrapure water purification systems to produce high-quality water.

Variation consists of:

  • Systems for different grade feed waters like for potable water or purified water.
  • Systems producing different grade of waters and combinations thereof like:
    • Pure water (commonly known as RO water)
    • Purified reagent grade water ( For eg RO + DI or RO + EDI)
  • Ultra-pure water (for use with Instrumental techniques)
  • Various production capacities from 10 ltr/hr to 1000 ltr/hr

Check out the available Evoqua Water Purification System here.

VELP is a reliable partner for the development of advanced analytical instruments for laboratoriesuniversitiesresearch centers and companies involved in scientific research and is recognized globally as a premium supplier of high-quality elemental analyzers, Kjeldahl analyzers, solvent extractors, fiber extractors, oxidation stability reactors etc.

KJELDAHL DIGESTION & DISTILLATION Units are the ideal solution for performing analyses of different applications such as determining ammoniacal nitrogen, protein nitrogen, (Kjeldahl or direct alkaline distillation), nitric nitrogen (after reduction), phenols, volatile acids, cyanides, alcohol content, sulphur dioxide, TVBN and Devarda nitrogen determination.

OXIDATION Stability Reactor is the innovative solution for the study of lipid oxidation stability. With the OXITEST it is possible to analyze the whole sample without extensive sample preparation.

SOLVENT Extractors SER 158 solvent extractors perform fast solid-liquid extractions on a variety of sample types and solvents. A fully automated solvent extractor offering state-of-the-art technology, full safety, precision and smart data.

Check out the available Velp Analytical Instruments here

Okay, so liquid handling products isn’t a single product, but a whole product line. To meet the ever-growing demands on volumetric measuring in the lab, such as testing in series, new devices are constantly being developed, e.g., for dispensing, pipetting, and titrating. BRAND offers a wide selection of single-channel and multichannel pipettes and pipette tips.  Dispensette® S by BRAND – a new generation and top choice among bottle-top dispensers. With their broad range of applications, the Dispensette® S and Dispensette® S Organic are excellent choices for acids, bases, saline solutions, and organic solvents. Titrette® to titrate easily and efficiently, right from the storage bottle. The Titrette® is the first bottle-top burette to offer class A precision for glass burettes. It provides long-lasting quality and easy maintenance that ensure reliability and productivity in the laboratory.

Check out the available Liquid Handling instruments here.

ViscoQC 100 is a viscosity meter that determines the dynamic (apparent) viscosity as a single-point value. The instrument serves for quality control of liquid samples such as solvents up to semi-solid substances such as lotions. The R-model is for regular (medium-viscosity) samples (e.g. paints, adhesives, dairy products; see also technical specifications). ViscoQC 100 returns instant results on a built-in color screen. Continuous data output is possible to an optional USB printer or via V-Collect Software installed on a PC. The Toolmaster™ system automatically recognizes connected measuring systems (spindles and cylinder systems). An optional Pt100 temperature sensor allows the monitoring of the sample temperature.
A magnetic coupling serves as a connection for spindles or measuring systems.

The most powerful Branson digital sonifier SFX 550, handles high-volume applications with up to 550 watts of output power at 20kHz. With the power to process larger, viscous samples up to 1000 mL, the SFX 550 offers precise control over energy outputs and other parameters to accommodate experiments of all sizes. Plus, it’s packed with all the exclusive Branson features available in other model sizes and comes with a power supply, converter and choice of ½˝ or ¾˝ disruptor horn.

Check out the available Sonifier Models here.

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