Determination of Nitrogen / Protein either by Kjeldahl or Dumas method is of prime importance in our day to day life. It is one of the important parameters to be determined in industries like – Food, Feed, Milk / Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Soils and Fertilizers, Water / Effluent / Sludge treatment, Vaccines, Petroleum products, Rubber etc.

Many different methods have been devised for nitrogen determination but still Kjeldahl (TKN – Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen) is one of the primary methods and most widely used method of choice by millions even as on today in spite of laborious and chemical intensive method. This wet chemistry method has been improved and now a day’s become far more efficient, safe, low cost and environmental friendly then it used to be in earlier days. Thanks to new technologies incorporated in latest instrumentation to make it effortless and more accurate, sensitive and productive method. Kjeldahl method is primarily divided in to three steps – DIGESTION, DISTILLATION & TITRATION followed by result calculations and reporting. We provide complete solution for TKN in all three steps; customer can select models depending upon their sample load, priorities and budget. They can select solutions for individual steps or for complete package as per their choice.


In Digestion step, sample is treated with concentrated Sulphuric acid in presence of different catalyst at temperature exceeding 400 °C in a precisely controlled aluminum block digester. We provide complete package like digester with multiple tubes (choice of six tubes to 42 tubes including Macro and Micro), scrubber system to neutralize obnoxious fumes produced during digestion with fume aspiration pump.

DK Series- Semi Automatic Kjeldahl Digestion Unit

Digesters can also be provide with automatic lift which will stop heating at the end of program and will lift all tubes from hot aluminum block for cooling – thereby avoiding handling of tubes containing hot acid and it fumes. Majority of our digestion systems do not require fume hoods because of efficient fume removal and scrubbing system. We also provide long lasting acid dispensers for safe handling and accurate dispensing of mineral acids.


DKL Series- Automatic Kjeldahl Digestion Unit

After digestion, sample is diluted with water and then treated with concentrated sodium hydroxide solution (35%) to neutralize remaining acid and bring pH to more than 9.5 for release of ammonia through steam distillation. Steam distillate is absorbed in boric acid receiver solution (or standard acid solution) and then titrated with known concentration of acid (or back titrated remainder acid with known concentration of alkali) to quantify ammonia (as nitrogen). Titrations are performed either manually with help of indicators or through automatic potentiometric / colorimetric titrator. Final results are calculated manually or automatically depending upon instrument used for titration.

Distillation unit with built-in colorimetric titrator and auto sample loader

We provide various level of automation in distillation unit right from entry level unit to built-in colorimetric titrator and equipped with auto sample loader for high through put. All our distillation apparatus are equipped with efficient non-fragile condensers, splash heads made of inert and long lasting material which can withstand harsh and hot chemical and vapors. All units have built-in non-pressurized steam generator which produces steam from distilled / deinonised water equipped with safety temperature sensor. All units are provided with various safety features like – lever away from hot surface, tube-in-place sensor, low flow or absence of cooling water sensor, safety door sensor, service door sensor, and removable drip tray etc. Higher versions of distillation apparatus are equipped with tube change sensor, reagent level sensors, connection to auto titrator etc.

We offer complete arrange of products for Protein Nitrogen determination according to the Kjeldahl method;

  • Semi – Automatic Digestion Units (DK 6, DK 6/48, DK 8 , DK 20, DK 18/26, DK 42/26)
  • Automatic Digestion Units (DKL 8, DKL 12, DKL 20, DKL 42/26)
  • Semi – Automatic Distillation Units (UDK 129, UDK 139)
  • Automatic Distillation Units (UDK 149, UDK 159, UDK 169)

If you want to learn more about the technical details and specifications of a Digestion and Distillation units, then you can always gain more information from here